Creativity At 186,000 Miles Per Second

I work creatively at 186,000 miles per second. Stories are realized through my use of light, lenses, filters, sound and recording media. Stories unfold through my selection in framing and blocking of actors. Stories are told through my choices of editing the motion pictures and the sound. But none of it happens without the assistance of dozens of talented people who I have the privilege of working with daily.

Preparing to film some aerial scenes from a helicopter.

Up, up and away!

Ready to film actor Tiren Jhames with my EX1 and Steadicam system.

This is my run-and-gun cinematic camera package. It can be packed, unpacked and set up in seconds so we can move from location to location quickly and efficiently. TIME is MONEY.

A close up of the run-and-gun. It's a great solid-state recording solution for almost any project.

The Fig-Rig stabilzation system fitted my Sony Cine Alta XDCAM EX, a Schoeps CMIT 5U Condensor shotgun microphone and three LitePanels (one for key light, fill light and Eye light). It's all battery-powered and ready to shoot in very tight quarters! I offer incredibly flexible planning to capture your vision easily and cost effectively. I own and maintain all of our cinematic, pro-audio and editing equipment so it is available anytime we need to start, process and deliver your project.

The texture, depth and shadow of the scenes I lens are achieved by using cool "heat-free" microprocessor controlled LED light banks. Best of all, the color temperature of the light never changes and the talent never gets all hot and bothered.

I can look through these lights to adjust the illumination for the greatest detail or to minimize any flaw. These precise controls allow me to compose imagery that is both beautiful and compelling.

Are you a model, actor or image conscious professional who is looking to showcase their appearance and or talent? Our makeup artist Andrea Duchesneau applies specific makeup techniques that are required for proper lensing in this high definition medium. We want you to look your very best!

It is not just a matter of pointing a great camera at a subject. Capturing great images also require the use of special glass filters in front of the lens.

By combining several filters I can soften features of the skin and enhance your appeal. As shown below, my filters can also enhance the background to create an artistic effect or increase contrast within the composition.

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